Super Hero Alter Ego: Part 1

We have asked the team involved on Cannonballista to tell us about their own Super Hero Alter Ego. The first comes from Frances Bossom, our brilliant Participation Liaison;

Do you have a Super Hero Alter Ego?
Definitely, several in fact. One for every eventuality.

Can you tell us a little about him / her?
I can tell you about Agent Very is hyper organised. My goodness me, she never lets anything get lost, over looked or neglected. She could organise a bag of wriggly worms into a formation marching team. She has a softer side but thinks it's hidden behind a clipboard.

What’s their favourite item of clothing / powerful object?
Stick it notes, she uses them anywhere or any place. Her outfit is made from stationary.

Do they have a secret?
She actually loves to improvise and wing it. But don't tell anyone.