Super Hero Alter Ego: Part 2

Our second in the series of our 'Super Hero Alter Egos' is by Holly Stoppit, facilitator and director extraordinaire...

Do you have a Super Hero Alter Ego?

Can you tell us a little about him/her
Similarly to Liz's 'Betty Bruiser', I had a performance alter ego called F**knuckle. She fronted a klezma-dub-pop-punk band called F**knuckle and The B*stards.

F**cknuckle was wild and free, screaming down a megaphone to get the party started.  Dressed entirely in red with wild eyes, backcombed hair and blood red lipstick, audiences did what she told them to do, or else! She made them strip, she made them dance, she made them do the Okee Cokee. She was an unapologetic maniac and people loved her for it.

What’s their favourite item of clothing / powerful object?
Her favourite dress was a tight red rouched flamenco sleeved number that would invariably end up on the stage by the end of the gig. Her powerful object was her mega phone.

Do they have a secret?
For all her bravado, F**knuckle was incredibly isolated and alone.