Yate Week Five

We can’t believe we are on week five already. We have met some amazing people and been privileged to hear some of their incredible stories. We’ve been around the world many times in these sessions which have naturally had a theme of Wanderlust.

Today was no exception; today we created a map of a Life Well Lived and transposed it onto a stranger’s face! From studying the lines, creases and contours of a face we mapped a journey with troughs, peaks and plateaus. We marveled at how tiny pieces of visual information could change our perception entirely. 

In the afternoon we camped under the stars, toasted marshmallows over a fire (well, a tealight), created our very own constellations and whispered stories under starlit canvas ‘til lights out. Isn’t it strange how cocoa tastes better when you’re camping?

We heard about the monkey who used a little girl’s hairbrush and all fell for an unlikely story about mice and grain. There was an impromptu round of old school camping songs before we all packed up our sleeping bags and zipped the tent shut. Luckily we didn’t have time to eat the pot noodle I brought to share.