Yate Week Two

It seemed fitting that we would take it in turns to record our experiences of the sessions; so this week Shelley has written from her perspective...
This week we indulged in some storytelling around bicycles and journeys. Everything from the distinct feeling of gravel in grazed knees to a mathematical equation written in tea leaves was covered and uncovered on another glorious sunny day.
Participants taught us of how a visitor's journey duration would either ensure or demure their likelihood to use the best china in the house upon arrival. What's more, given the sense of an increasing bond in the room, we all left feeling as if the key to the glass cabinet were being located in apron pockets in each of our homes.
Exploring these lived experiences within the group helped us to create an excitement of the senses as we depicted the common themes of the gaining of independence, liberation and motion in loose breakfast tea leaves.

We listened to an appreciation of the bicycle by Roger-Pol Droit which - by gentle turns of the group's handlebars - became the personal story of a shiny new bike that began in the garden and ended in a river bed.


Having mapped the dynamics of the groups in these ways, we are looking forward to exploring a whole new chapter next week when we look to take participants on a journey of their own devising. Full steam ahead!


Acceptance from liz clarke on Vimeo.