St Judy

St Judy

A transformative piece in which the performer interacts with elemental items including water, earth & glitter. The piece explores themes of anchorage both physical and spiritual and is inspired by ‘sailors shore leave, female drag, burial at sea, glitz and driftwood’. The Body is pierced with roses and culminates in a period of prolonged bleeding. The Body becomes a site for a gentle parody of the sexualization of the male and the female body through stature, heels and videotape... This piece has been shown as a four hour and one hour durational piece.

'Well a diva a day Keeps the boredom away I love 'em when they throw up their arms... They may find me on a hotel floor High heels in a pool of gore Curtains closed And a bolted door…'

The piece is a transformative jaunt of a journey inspired by sailors’ shore leave, female drag, burial at sea glitz and driftwood. It has shown at Shunt, Glorious Trama and Aeon performance.

 It was fascinating watching this develop and I really couldn't tear myself away, it was like being hypnotized. The quality and sincerity of her work is astounding.

Paul Wilde. Audience member